Jorunn Westeraas
Norwegian singer/songwriter

My songs, all the way from Norway

LISTEN,  it's not complicated, neither the themes I choose, nor the words I write. But they are important to me, even if it's just a feeling, on a sunny day, or a rainy one, about beeing in love,  missing your one and only, thoughts in the morning silence,  along with the first cup of coffee of the day.

 Or just wondering about this and that and nothing much, while enjoying the eternity of the water passing by my living room window, watching the  large river I live nearby. Then, my next song could appear in the evening, or in the middle of a night when I am to awake to sleeep, smiling, dreaming,  just being silent,  while watching all the stars, wondering why some of them seems to be falling down ...

LIFE  lived, loved ones I have lost, love I have detected or found. There are thousands of reasons to write a song. I hope you will do me the favour of listening to me. These are Spotify-links to some of my recent releases:

Magical Moments

When You Wake Up


(And if you live your life abroad,  and for some reason understand norwegian, or maybe you 're just curious about how my language sounds like, here is a link to my artist profile with norwegian songs as well, And if  you visit my home page, where all my Record Company releases are listed, you will find them at

If you prefer Music Videos, there's a YOUTUBE-CHANNEL too. You are welcome to take a look

LOOK OUT: Next realease is on it's way. Coming soon.  A single written and performed by me, with wonderful help from the voices of two of my local and very talented singer friends, Hege Saugstad and Monika Gellein Mathisen. I'll let you know when  the new song «Snowflakes» is ready.  This one too, all the way from Norway.

Enjoy. Greetings from Norway.